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Behind Symcar is a first-class mix of technical skills and business experience. It has always been our goal to provide exceptional IT support, coupled with a deep understanding of business that allows us to better fulfils your needs.

Symon Chalk


From a young age Symon always knew he wanted to work with computers, while other children rode on their BMX’s, Symon would be writing programs on his family’s Spectrum.

School and college did not alter his vision and, with good references from his freelance work, he landed his first job as an on-call IT engineer in the mid 90’s. By the age of 25, Symon was the IT manager of a company spread throughout the UK.

His straightforward approach and ability to get results continued to draw attention. By 28, Symon sat on the operational board of a national traffic and travel information provider, managed a team of engineers and programmers, and played an active role in achieving the company’s goals.

In November 2003 Symon and wife Caroline decided to pursue their dream and set up a business providing IT support. They wanted to provide small businesses the kind of service they had both experienced, and helped deliver, in larger organisations.

Since starting Symcar, Symon has continued to develop his interests and skills. He remains passionate about the benefits good IT can have on businesses and on business owner’s lives.

Symon quickly realised that many problems small businesses faced were the same regardless of their industry. His experience and IT know how prompted him to design and build the Smart Office range of products.

On a personal note, Symon and his wife, Caroline, have three children, he enjoys reading and photography and is an avid cyclist.

Caroline Chalk


Caroline is in charge of all the non-technical aspects of Symcar, including marketing, sales, scheduling and accounts.

She has worked in a variety of environments including the accounts department of a media company, a hospital pharmacy and the IT department of a London trading bank.

At home, Caroline has three children and a cat. She enjoys reading and camping with her family.