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Initial dos and don'ts.

As you've no doubt heard from the news, there's a high profile cyber attack being carried out against large organisations, including the NHS, using a form of malware known as "ransomware". This is malicious software that encrypts files on infected computers and holds the owner to ransom, demanding payment for the means to decrypt the data.

The nature of this malware means that anyone could be targeted, not just the NHS and large businesses because the software spreads itself via infected systems, most likely using email contacts stored on compromised PCs. This means that we all need to be vigilant to ensure that we're not affected, and to help combat the continued spread of the infection.

What can you do:

1. Exercise extreme caution when opening emails from unknown contacts. If you have any doubts, DON'T OPEN.

2. Do not open unexpected attachments, even from known contacts. If possible, speak to the sender and verify they have sent you something first.

3. Do not click on links in emails, browse directly to sites.

4. If you experience anything unfamiliar or unexpected contact us IMMEDIATELY on 01892 882420; delay can lead to serious problems.

While the malware is thought to only affect older Windows systems, threats like this can evolve to exploit even "safe" systems, so the best policy is to practice caution and not ignore or disregard warnings from anti-virus and other security systems.

We will update you here as more details emerge.

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