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"The weakest point in any IT system remains the humble desktop PC."

Keeping your company information secure should be a focus at all times. Before considering any system changes it's worth ensuring basic good practise is in place and every member of staff follows it.

Passwords, Wireless networks and Firewalls

Make sure they are strong and secure.

  • Read our article showing examples of strong passwords that are easy to remember.
  • Talk to us about a WiFi or firewall assessment.

PC and Server protection

Use a professional grade product to protect your Laptops, PCs and Servers from viruses, malware, trojans, spyware and adware.

What we look for in our PC Partner Products:

Secure: We want our product to have a great catch rate, ie. the percentage of threats the software has quarentined should be as close to 100% as possible. We check how fast the provider responds to new threats.

Reliable: Clear messages on screen explaining to the user what the concern is. A low false positive rate i.e. the percentage of quarentined items that are not threats.

Feature rich: Managements portals where you can see which PCs and Servers are up to date with their protection. Access to the quarentine area so a manager or knowledgable person can pick through items that have been stopped. Management reporting on where your threats have come from.

Cost effective: Free may seem great but often free means the company supplying it has no money to achieve the above criteria well. However, costs do vary product to product, so once we've found the range of products offering the right level service we assess the upfront and ongoing costs. Most protection tools offer an annual licence and should be renewed every year to ensure you keep recieveing the updates. However, we examine:

  • What discounts are available,
  • Do they sell just one licence or a minimum of five
  • How much will they charge if you buy a new computer mid year.

We want to keep your renewal dates together so you can budget and have the opportunity to re-examine the best option for you each time, without paying more.

Our recommended product in this area is Panda Cloud Office Protection.

File Storage and Sharing

Centralised file systems without needing a server.

What we look for...

Secure: Where are the files stored? What protection is in place to ensure only the right people can access the data? Are there any relevent, confirmed incidents of intrusion reported? Does the system meet current industry requirements, particularly for Financial, Legal or Care sectors? User account control built in. These systems should include a remote wipe command to remove your data from a lost or stolen device or even ex-employee's laptop/phone. Is the data encrypted?

Reliable: No hedging here, it's got to have great uptime statistics, tested failover systems and lots and lots of connectivity. No servers in garages considered! Able to work across multiple devices and operating systems, Android, Apple, Windows and OSX.

Feature rich: Versioning is great for when a file is changed by accident. Simple backup is useful to retrieve mistakenly deleted files. We like desktop agents for easy user experiance when saving files and the syncing happening in the background. Collaboration with customers or colleagues via secure links rather than emailing back and forth is a plus.

Cost effective: Free may seem great but often free means the company supplying it has no money to invest in the above criteria. Costs in this area vary from upfront annual commitments, to monthly payments, most charge a per seat fee, some charge per GB of storage. We examine:

  • What discounts are available,
  • Do they sell just one seat or a minimum number
  • How much will you pay/save if you gain or lose a new staff member mid year.

Our recommended products in this area are Soonr and Microsoft OneDrive for Business.