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The best way to:

Share - Edit - Upload - Access

your files, when you'e on the move.

Secure File Sharing

Safely manage, organize, and share files with your Team. Having access to the right file when you need it, wherever you are means you can snatch those oppotunities as they arise. The confidence of knowing you have the most up to date version of a price list at a flick of your fingers improves your pitch and saves time.

Work on any device from anywhere. Desktops, Laptops, Tablets or Phones; Windows, Mac or Android. There is an agent app available for every platform. Work from home or outside you next appointment. Treat staff to fleible working arrangments - with Soonr they can securely access the files from home and save them back without complicated VPNs.

Still not sure?

See at a glance what's changed. Soonr's online dashboard keeps track of which files have been updated by who. Handy if you're compiling a report drawing on lots of seperate sources and on a tight dealine.

Ensure confidential project files are hidden from general view. Areas like Finance, Personnel or Managment need restricted access. Soonr's easy to use controls allow you to set which staff have access in just a few clicks. 

And if that's not enough...

Collaborate with colleagues and customers. Creating Connections—people who work outside your company who need to have access to a mutual project—couldn't be easier. Invite them to join the project from any device, anywhere. Working with a Marketing Consultant? Don't email all those logos and graphics to them, simply save your Logos into a project and invite them to view the "Logo project" with a simple, small email.

Work on all types of business documents or any digital content—spreadsheets presentations, proposals, expense reports or the numbers from the last quarter. Soonr doesn't care what program you use to create the file, it treats them all the same.

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We think Soonr is best experianced. Easy things are hard to explain but simple to understand when you get to see it and use it. Luckily Soonr agree.

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