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"Email has become a primary communication channel for customers, colleagues and suppliers. Keeping it running smoothly is easy with the right system in the right place."

Top Tip

First and foremost - separate your email hosting from your website hosting. Web traffic and emails are very different types of data and work best on different types of servers.

If this doesn't convince you ask yourself how will your customers get hold of you if the server hosting both your email and website develops a fault?

Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange comes out the box with productivity-boosting tools like shared calendars, contact information and files.

By upgrading to the world’s most popular business messaging software, Microsoft Exchange, you can significantly raise your team’s efficiency.

Our chosen Exchange services stores your email, calendars, address books and files centrally, so they are available 24x7 and can be shared among your team.

Advanced Features

Businesses using Exchange run Microsoft Outlook as, among many advanced features, this lets them:

  • Securely access email remotely
  • View colleagues' up-to-date calendars and schedule meetings
  • Assign and manage tasks on central 'to do' lists
  • Manage employee and customer contact information; and access it anytime
  • Share documents with your team so everyone’s working from the most current version

Exchange is a quantum leap from basic email and makes your team much more productive through constant access to email, calendars and contacts, as well as important files and information.

Basic email systems, which are currently used for accessing email, are more suited to the home and personal user, rather than businesses, and were never designed to include the broader, richer collaborative tools that Exchange has made possible.

To better see how Exchange compares to basic email see our feature guide.

Why use our Exchange service?

Our service partners operate out of state-of-the-art datacentres, with high performance cooling, redundant power supply, backup generators and automatic fire safety. For you this means that your email is constantly running.

As well as offering the highest-quality business systems, we do nightly backups to protect your data. For your peace of mind, we offer a 99.9% service-level agreement (SLA) which allows for just a few minutes of email downtime each month.

24/7 monitoring and management

To further ensure reliability, we employ a team of Exchange engineers and administrators 24/7. If a server problem occurs at 3am on a Sunday morning, we'll be there to solve it – in a matter of minutes. We install software patches immediately, as well as anti-virus and anti-spam updates, for full protection.

Add-on features

We offer a complete range of add-on features including ActiveSync for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone  and we also support Blackberry. Rather than spending thousands of pounds on your own server, you can use our managed service for just a few pounds a month.

You can also add archiving – from simple message journaling, to keep an exact copy of all your message, to fully compliant archiving, which can fulfil regulatory requirements.

Windows or Mac?

Many companies do not offer Outlook for both Windows and Mac. We offer a free download of either, so you can use Windows, Mac or both.

Our Exchange service is fully-managed, with constant uptime and instant add-ons like BlackBerry service or archiving. All this, plus a significantly lower total cost of ownership than managing an Exchange server in-house.