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"The ability to work as a team without being in the same room."

After a decade in buiness the biggest tip I would give any company is to invest in systems that make staff's lives easier to do their job from anywhere. Your customers want to deal with happy, proactive staff who positively represent your company.

Today that means flexible working, working with traditonal staff roles and external colleagues. Achieving this while maintaining efficiency is easy with the right tools.

File Storage and Sharing

Centralised file systems without needing a server.

What we look for...

Secure: Where are the files stored? What protection is in place to ensure only the right people can access the data? Are there any relevent, confirmed incidents of intrusion reported? Does the system meet current industry requirements, particularly for Financial, Legal or Care sectors? User account control built in. These systems should include a remote wipe command to remove your data from a lost or stolen device or even ex-employee's laptop/phone. Is the data encrypted?

Reliable: No hedging here, it's got to have great uptime statistics, tested failover systems and lots and lots of connectivity. No servers in garages considered! Able to work across multiple devices and operating systems, Android, Apple, Windows and OSX.

Feature rich: Versioning is great for when a file is changed by accident. Simple backup is useful to retrieve mistakenly deleted files. We like desktop agents for easy user experiance when saving files and the syncing happening in the background. Collaboration with customers or colleagues via secure links rather than emailing back and forth is a plus.

Cost effective: Free may seem great but often free means the company supplying it has no money to invest in the above criteria. Costs in this area vary from upfront annual commitments, to monthly payments, most charge a per seat fee, some charge per GB of storage. We examine:

  • What discounts are available,
  • Do they sell just one seat or a minimum number
  • How much will you pay/save if you gain or lose a new staff member mid year.

Our recommended products in this area are Soonr and Microsoft OneDrive for Business.